Tea-Party Movement Gains Momentum

Tea-Party Movement is gaining popularity and the Nov. 2 elections are just around the corner. Will the Senate/House see more Republican influence?


Public.Resource.Org: Good to Know

One of Google’s “10 to the 100” idea-contest winners attempts to make government more transparent. Good idea!

Set Adrift

Beginning to a short-story I’m working on. Space adventures!!

Affordable Care Act: Love it or Hate it

Commentary on two blogs with opposing viewpoints on health care reform, what are the benefits and what are the risks?

You Can’t Eat Your Degree: Jobless after College

Who else has a framed degree and no office to put it in?

GOP Determined to Undermine, if not Repeal, Health-Care Law

GOP is determined to defeat the new Health Care Law. Is that a good idea?

Shadows on a Dark Street

A short story about a father with a deteriorating memory and a son who’s doing all he can.

Too Big to Fail? Come Again?

Everyone from corporate CEO’s to blind cave-fish has heard about the AIG bailout and the claim that the banks are “too big to fail.” But what does that mean and how the hell do they justify that? I was raised under the assumption that if you start a company and it doesn’t make money, you … Continue reading

Conservatives and Liberals: White or Black Isn’t Reality

Republicans and Conservatives argue like it’s their job. Well, it kind of is their job. Where do I stand?

French Ban Burqas: Gender Equality or Religious Intolerance?

Is the French ban on Burqas a step towards women’s freedom or a religious injustice?