Introductions are in order…

Hi, I’m John. You’re the world. Splendid, moving on.

When I first heard of blogs, they were the brand new way for needy people to get more attention drawn to their mundane lives of shoe-shopping and OMGs. Now, however, they have somehow morphed into a powerful marketing strategy that is quickly transforming the way business is done. Hoping to stay afloat in this raging sea of popular media, I have hopped aboard the SS. Blog.

I’m a Self-Promoting Employment-Research Specialist. Which means I don’t have a job. I do, however, have a passion for trying to put my thoughts, triumphs, and tribulations down on paper. I graduated with a BA in English Writing and Rhetoric, so I can get wordy with the best of them. I hope to be an author someday, but in order to get there, I have to write. A lot, where people will see it.

So, I now have a writer’s blog (not to be confused with block, which I also have occasionally). I have absolutely no idea where it will go, but I’m charging forth with my stubby neophyte blogger-limbs.

The title of my blog, “In the Wake,” refers to the feeling I believe many men and women of my generation experience when contemplating our situation. We are inheriting a nation rife with problems in the wake of a series of political miscalculations made by our fathers and grandfathers, including war, economic/ecological devastation, and ignorance. My generation is the one inheriting the consequences. We are the ones who won’t be able to afford airline tickets to see where the coral reefs used to be because we can’t find a job. We are feeling the first tremors of a possible national implosion, one we had no hand in bringing about.

That said, my generation has a great opportunity. It is now our responsibility to set the new course, to make decisions and take actions that will be praised as the turning-points in a downward slide that left unchecked may have crippled us beyond repair.

This blog is my opinion, which naturally I feel is the one people should listen to. I’m going to write about life and experiences, stories, articles, commentaries, and whatever I come up with that I think is worth writing down. I hope that my work will move someone to do something that will take us one inch forward instead of back, making waves instead of drifting in the wake.

6 Responses to “Introductions are in order…”
  1. Russ Johnson says:

    I’m definitely subscribing, however, if you write anything with a filthy liberal bias I shall leave.

  2. I shall try to remain as unbiased as possible 🙂

  3. Anna Richardson says:

    Hey John! Check out this NY Times article about our generation. I think it comments on your notion of being “in the wake.” Looking forward to more posts!

  4. Bob McEwen says:

    Your fourth and fifth paragraphs are very insightful and provocative. Much there worth pondering …

  5. Hey Anna, thanks for the article. It had a lot of interesting points, especially about the five milestones sociologists use to define the “transition to adulthood”: completing school, leaving home, becoming financially independent, marrying and having a child. The disconnect there today (more often than not) occurs between leaving home and becoming financially independent.

    In the past, a higher education meant having more (and better) options when entering the workforce. Due to the tightening wallets of businesses nationwide, a degree becomes less “Wow!” and more “What else you got?”.

    Students graduating bright-eyed and ready to conquer the world are learning that just because they spent a ton of money and earned a degree doesn’t mean people can hire them, which leaves a lot of students in a tight spot between student loan debt and a bad economy. In that situation, leaving home and starting a family just isn’t feasible.

    Thanks for reading!

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