Quran Burning Called Off

I read today that the Florida Reverend Terry Jones has permanently called off his congregations Quran burning which was originally scheduled for yesterday (anniversary of 9/11). I am extremely glad that this Rev. changed his mind, but even more disappointed that it was ever a possibility at all.

Rev. Terry Jones

Had this burning gone down, it would have been a major rallying point for Al-Qaeda recruiting, jeopardized troops in the middle east, and encouraged further separation between Christians and Muslims. This Quran burning would not only have been a major blow to the peace-keeping effort but an affront to the spirit of the U.S.. Since the founding of our nation we have preached religious tolerance and freedom or worship, one of the many reasons why America is a destination for people all over the world. How awful would it be for someone dreaming of a better life in America to hear how terribly one of her citizens treated an object that millions of people (inside and outside our borders) consider sacred?

To the Reverend’s credit, he went to New York to meet with the imam in charge of the Islamic center planned near ground zero, who helped him decide to cancel the burning. Instead of sitting where he was and being ignorantly hateful, he talked it out. Granted, that credit only goes so far, but he made the effort.

Any way you slice it, the burning of a religious object (especially out of hate) will only bring more anger and conflict. It may be a strong statement, but the only possible outcome is being worse off than when you began. We are not Christians fighting Muslims, we are people hurting people. Alienating either group solves absolutely nothing.

4 Responses to “Quran Burning Called Off”
  1. Bob M says:

    No question but that the pastor was right to call of the book burning and wrong to have planned it in the first place. Americans are wise to be concerned about Islam, though. Some highly respected Middle East analysts and diplomats have made the point that Islam is leveraging American values and beneficence for it’s own aims; and that regardless of the intent of the Islamist developers of the mosque in lower Manhattan, the inference that will be drawn by the overwhelming majority of Muslims in the Middle East and around the world is that it marks the site of an Islamic “victory” on US soil.

  2. Yes, but being concerned and being insulting are different. There’s no question there’s a threat, we’re at war, but we’re at war with a group not a whole.

  3. Karen says:

    Extremely well articulated.

  4. Quran is the word of Allah and burning Quran will bring no good to them. and how will they burn the Quran which is in our hearts

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