Conservatives and Liberals: White or Black Isn’t Reality

Time to clear something up.

I CONSIDER MYSELF A CONSERVATIVE in that I think that the less control is in the hands of the government the better (to a point). I like the idea of having a true democracy where a popular vote matters directly instead of choosing electors to make the big decisions.

I like the idea of not paying the government almost half of my paycheck. I understand and agree that the government has to tax in order to fund its services, but I also think that we shouldn’t have the level of government involvement that we do. A smaller government means smaller taxes.

I believe in personal responsibility. Nashville was recently flooded and historical buildings badly damaged, but aside from the initial headlines, it’s not on the news. Why? Because nobody complained. The community came together and organized relief efforts, fundraisers, concerts for charity, etc. The damage is being fixed.

Another thing about personal responsibility. Don’t fix everything with a pill, you may just be doing something wrong. ADD/ADHD gave parents and their children an excuse as to why little Jimmy is failing in school. Give him a boat load of medication and turn him into a zombie and his grades will go up, but that doesn’t mean he has a condition. I can almost never concentrate (it takes me hours to write this blog), but I don’t take medication except for allergies and I get my work done. I graduated from a prestigious university in four years, with a LOT of distractions. Tell Jimmy to watch less TV.

I support the power of the free market and competitive capitalism. I think that businesses need to compete in order to promote advancement in their fields. Let the consumer choose the best option. Yes, it is important to help small businesses avoid getting stamped out before they can grow, but an economy that is forced to be fair isn’t really fair at all. On that note, I think health care should remain privatized. Doctors worked their butts off to become those high-earning people saving your life.


I CONSIDER MYSELF A LIBERAL in that I believe in stem cell and alternate fuel source research. I think that carbon emissions should be drastically reduced, but not because of global warming, just because it’s smart. I don’t want to be sucking in a lungful of smog every time I go for a run.

I support separation of church and state. It’s important to be ethical, but it is simply wrong to put restrictions on the uncontrollable emotions of individuals according to a belief system written thousands of years ago. I support Gay marriage because they’re not freaks, they’re people in love and should be treated as such. I think if you have a problem with Gay marriage, then you can stand up in the ceremony when the priest asks if anyone objects to this union and object your heart out. Do it where you take full responsibility for your words and actions in the faces of those you are oppressing, not in groups at the ballot booth.

I think that the United Nations is a good thing, that we have a responsibility to uphold world peace WITHIN REASON. I have no objection to our helping the world, but I do take issue when that help becomes a hindrance to ourselves.

It’s almost impossible to be entirely conservative or entirely liberal without succumbing to the extremist fervor that is being spewed into the spotlight lately. Allying yourself with one party and refusing to see the value of the other side doesn’t make you a dedicated politician, it makes you an ignorant bigot. The flag has blue AND red in it, you know. I’m a new politician in that I am learning about what goes on above my head in this country and am trying to determine where I stand. Don’t prescribe to a specific brand of information, unless it’s reason. Use your head. What makes sense? Not much of what’s being said, I know that much.

3 Responses to “Conservatives and Liberals: White or Black Isn’t Reality”
  1. Bob McEwen says:

    “A constitution of government once changed from freedom can never be restored. Liberty once lost is forever lost.”- John Adams

    “The effect of welfarism on freedom will be felt later on, after its beneficiaries have become its victims, after dependence on government has turned into bondage and it is too late to unlock the jail.”- Barry Goldwater

  2. Karen says:

    Great to see you tackling some of these hard issues. On the surface many things look like there is a black and white, quick answer; unfortunately, it is when you look deeper and extrapolate the consequences that things begin to gray. For example, stem cell research, taken to an extreme, babies could be conceived in a test tube and “grown” only to be killed to use their stem cells for research. What I am hearing these days, is that adult stem cells work just as well as infant/embryo.
    Keep writing, keep learning. A difference of opinion is an opportunity to change your thinking – or not.

  3. GREAT quotes, capture the feeling I think is widespread in the country today. I just hope it’s not too late to unlock the jail.

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