Tea-Party Movement Gains Momentum

What began as a series of largely underestimated protests has morphed into a serious political force, with a recent poll by the Wall Street Journal claiming 71% of Republicans are self-proclaimed Tea-Party supporters.

Already we have seen the Tea-Party oust less conservative GOP candidates backed by party leaders in favor of more “small government” minded nominees. The poll suggests that with the rising popularity of the movement, the GOP will be less likely to be willing to find common ground on policy. The Nov. 2 elections could be a major-turning point in the Tea-Party movement. If Republicans win control of the House of Senate, there may be little interest in policy negotiation with the President or Democratic leadership.

The WSJ’s poll shows that the Tea-Party’s supporters are interested in protesting “business as usual” in Washington, D.C., their most popular issue being to cut government spending and debt before reducing the size of the government itself.

In a recent WSJ article, self-employed auto mechanic and poll respondent Tim Bahmer (Republican) said, “The tea party has to a certain extent scared the Republican Party. From what I’ve seen of what the tea party is saying, I think that could be the change [Republicans] could benefit from.” The movement has been a wake-up call to both political leaders and citizens alike, that “Change” is more than a political slogan and will be fought for, relentlessly, by a real political force instead of tossed about in contemplative conversation.

In response to the movement, Pres. Obama and top Democrats are aggressively labeling the Tea-Party-backed candidates as an extreme, radical force within the Republican Party. This may have mixed results, seeing as over a third of people polled have affinity for the movement. With the country still in the midst of a terrible recession, an economic overhaul may be more popular than a continuation of policies common within the past few decades.

One thing is certain: come Nov. 2, we will see a new chapter in governmental affairs with either strongly conservative House/Senate or a Democratic party still in control but keenly aware of how close it came to losing the battle.

One Response to “Tea-Party Movement Gains Momentum”
  1. Bob McEwen says:

    Another good one, Ken. You’re writing these almost faster than I can read them. Keep up the great work! PS: I hope the first Nov. 2nd scenario transpires and not the second 🙂

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