I Woke Up Today and I’m 23. When Did That Happen?

I’ve been 23 for about two weeks now. Some mornings, like today, I wake up and am simply shocked that I’m not 9. I wake up and wonder why I’m not already on my way to the pool with my crew from Hinsdale, IL.

I’m still a kid at heart, like the past decade was a blur and I went to bed last night with nothing but a spelling test with which to concern myself. I want to climb trees, build forts, go sledding, and try to flip over the swing-set bar. If I close my eyes real tight and just listen, I can hear my squeaky, pre-teen voice telling me to stop worrying and put down the computer, go outside for a while, enjoy the falling leaves. Be a kid.

It’s important to listen to the little voice every once in a while. If you spend every minute of your waking hours looking for a job or writing or doing something responsible, you miss out on a whole lot of living that is much more fulfilling. My mother tells me – almost every time I speak with her – to go for a walk, it’s good for me and will help me relax. Well, even if I don’t always listen, she’s right. My mother is the best example I know of listening to the little voice and enjoying life.

When I do go for a walk, I come back relaxed and feeling deep, like I just solved some major question of our time. I think that feeling is just a departure from what I usually feel, like my world is confined to a strict purpose: finding a job. There’s nothing wrong with looking for gainful employment, it’s a necessity. When it becomes a problem is when you let yourself become obsessed with it and that consumes all of your time. I’m making a conscious effort to spend a good chunk of my time having fun and actually living. My inner-voice is proud.

Being a college graduate without a job is a lot like being in a boat without an oar: you have the boat, but no means to go anywhere. I’m just kicking my feet in the water to try to advance my career. In the meantime though, I’m looking at the fish and enjoying the sunshine. I realize I’m stretching the metaphor, but you understand. Enjoy the little things, they’re no less special than when you were 9.

Truth is, time does fly, but that’s no reason you can’t fly along with it.

One Response to “I Woke Up Today and I’m 23. When Did That Happen?”
  1. Karen says:

    Keep up the walks, keep writing about what you are thinking and feeling, keep learning; many people relate to what you are saying. Great job.

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