Unexpected Pleasures: Talking with Kathy the Deli Lady

You never know who will make an impression on you

Coppin’ a Feel: TSA Continues to Push Travellers’ Buttons

How far is too far when it comes to security?

History Revisited and a Tiger Mauling: I’ve Been Away!

Where have I been? Everywhere

A Goal You Can Quit is the Hardest to Achieve

A man does not know the true measure of himself until he has been challenged. It is in the conscious decision to continue when the mind and body demand cessation, to persevere against adversity that shows whether or not a man is worth the skin he wears and the space he inhabits. Fruits of labor … Continue reading

Elections Leave Obama Unsupported

The Republican party picked up at east 10 governorships Tuesday and may gain even more by the time the final votes are tallied in all 37 Gubernatorial races. With a GOP dominated House and a (barely) Democratic Senate, what lies ahead for the next two years? In the days leading up to the election, Senator … Continue reading

Set Adrift, pt. 5

The final chapter of Set Adrift! Thanks for reading, I enjoyed writing it 🙂