History Revisited and a Tiger Mauling: I’ve Been Away!

::Slides in the door head first and covered in dust::

Phew! Ok, first I have to apologize for the neglect of the blog lately, it was a crazy week and a half. Last weekend, I flew out to Boston to interview my great Grandmother Loretta Orlando. In May, she will be turning 100 years old. 100! Kind of incredible and a little hard to believe, given that she still has the energy and mental clarity of someone much younger. She played a piano solo while I was there, from memory.

I bought a small audio recorder and just let it run, talking with her about her memories. She’s lived through WWI, WWII, the Cold War, Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement to the election of a black president, the inventions of the radio, television, commercial jet, and the internet.

She grew up in Ohio, “out in the country”, where you had to take a trolley car downtown past the steel mills. Her father’s family would come sleep on her living room floor when they arrived from Italy. Are you starting to understand the wellspring of history she is? I had a blast.

Then, this weekend, I drove down to Auburn University in Alabama for the Auburn/Georgia game. We tailgated the event in style at our friends Luxo-cruiser (real nice bus/home), with excellent ribs, grilled chicken, beans: the works. The game was back and forth, but Auburn took it in a spectacular show.

So, this is what I’ve learned in my absence:

1. Everyone has a story you haven’t heard, even if you’ve known them literally your entire life.

2. Auburn’s Tigers will win the SEC Championship, then, the world.

One Response to “History Revisited and a Tiger Mauling: I’ve Been Away!”
  1. Karen says:

    Can’t wait to hear more about your grandmother, and her history and memories! Welcome back, missed reading your blog.

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