The End of the Beginnings: Merits of Perseverance

After months and months of taking baby steps, I turn around and realize I’ve walked miles.

When I started this blog in September, I said I was a self-promoting employment research specialist. I thoroughly confused many people at networking events and social gatherings with that phrase until I explained that it meant I was unemployed. At long last, I can ditch the old job title and replace it with a shiny new one: Associate Account Executive. In the last two weeks I was hired by a nationally established Public Relations Firm, and will be starting on Monday.

There’s a lot of catch phrases being thrown around these days about the merits of hard work and not settling for mediocrity, about pushing for the best life can offer you and not getting sidetracked. However, until you experience your first great success (non-academic) from hard work it’s understandably difficult to realize its merits.

People my age are only just now entering an environment where there can be a direct relation between hard work and tangible reward. In school there were good grades and an acceptance letter from a prestigious university, but in retrospect all of that was preparation, acquiring skills that would be necessary later. Well, now it’s later and all that preparation is about to pay off. When everything you’ve worked for over the last 16 years comes to a point and is used as it was intended all along – the feeling is incredible. From here on out, hard work will be rightfully expected and rightfully rewarded.

Don’t settle for something just because it’s easy to attain, or convenient. If your situation demands a job right now, go ahead and grab one but keep your eyes open for your real opportunity. It’s easy to get stuck doing something you don’t enjoy. Don’t settle for anything less than your exact value. We’ve worked hard for a long time to be the people we are, and to let all of your effort be siphoned away into a job you don’t want is a waste.

I was unemployed for 10 months, despite being positive I would find a job without trouble upon graduation. I talked to a lot of people, bought a lot of coffee, lunches, and dinners, and spent a good amount of time wondering if it was doing any good. Some days I would sit there and look at my list of connections for the day and know ahead of time that none of them would be able to help me. It could get very depressing. However, you truly never know who will know someone who can help you. I cold-called the woman who would later give me the job, just asked her out to coffee/breakfast. A routine meet-n-greet turned into my dream job. Just like that, less than a month later, I’d interviewed with 5 people and completed all the forms. Sitting on my couch one night I got a call from the woman I’d asked to coffee, and she was offering me the job.

The feeling of gratification is well worth the search, however long it may have been. So keep trying, don’t give up, and know that you’ll find your place in the world sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

One Response to “The End of the Beginnings: Merits of Perseverance”
  1. Karen says:

    Loved this article, grandly yet simply articulated feelings shared by many. Your baby steps, baby steps…have kept me going.

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