Supreme Court Jester: Obamacare Upheld

Throughout my meeting this morning, my eyes slid often to the clock hanging above the projector screen. 9:30…9:45…10:00. As the second hand reached the apex of its circular path, I crossed my fingers that the Supreme Court (now in session) would turn its eyes from the heated present and, instead, look to the sturdy past and uncertain future when considering a verdict.

Upon returning to my desk, I immediately opened my web browser to see the disappointing news.


How? How is this possible? A room filled with legal professionals who hold the law as a virtuous measure of right and wrong, and this is the written opinion?

Article after article confirmed that Chief Justice Roberts announced the 5-4 majority ruling that upholds The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in its entirety. Obama, champion of the cow-eyed and open-palmed “people”, has managed to hold on to his signature legislature by defending the individual mandate as a “tax” (by the way, he has spent the majority of the last three and a half years vehemently denying that his mandate’s fine was a tax).

A law which demands individuals purchase a good or be punished is a slap in the face of every principle our country holds dear. Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness? In what life is it considered freedom in practice to be forced to provide happiness for your neighbor at the expense of your own? In what life is it freedom for a government to tell you your pocketbook is now subject to its whimsical demands? A government that taxes without representation is something we’ve come across before in our history, and it led to revolution. In fact, it led to our country.

Think I’m dramatizing the scope of what I’m seeing? The bill costs billions of dollars to set up, enforce, and inevitably subsidize. Who pays those billions of dollars? The government that is already $15.6 TRILLION in debt and digging deeper by the week. Where does the government get the money to pay this debt? From taxpayers – taxpayers who are either being misled by a false sense of security and entitlement married to a naïve idealism, or the people who are screaming at the top of their lungs that we don’t want this, that we don’t want the government to decide what we need and stick us with the check. That’s just the individual mandate, which the rest of the law depends on to survive.

I am all for people getting medical care when they need it. I am 100% behind people buying health insurance. I like the idea of sick Timmy getting health insurance so he can be treated by the best doctors in the world and go back to school in the fall. Here’s the rub – what I just described is as far as most people think it through and that’s simply not far enough. They see sick Timmy smiling and being patted on the head by Obama and told it will be alright, and they sleep like babies thinking they did a good deed by voting for this guy.

In all honesty, I would rather see Obama telling the poor kid he’s screwed than unwittingly using sick Timmy as a weapon in a crusade against rational thought, parading him as an example of the good being done by his administration. Obama, let’s say for the sake of argument this act fixes Timmy and he lives a better life. Truly, I’m glad for Timmy, but look farther down the line. Sick Timmy was able to get insurance without a coverage limit, despite his prior condition, because of your act. Ok – so did 4 million other people (lowball estimate, by the way). Say only a tenth of those prior condition patients use the same insurance payor, Company A. 400,000 people with complicated, long-term conditions requiring medical care? That is a lot of money coming out of Company A’s reserves.
Yes, reserves, not pockets, and there is a difference. Insurance companies exist because they play a numbers game. They know that if they insure 10 people and only 1 person has high expenses, the company can use the reserves they built up off of the other 9 to pay off the high expenses. They are able to do this because the company doesn’t take on unnecessary risk (i.e. patients with pre-existing severe conditions). The one unexpected high-expense patient is covered because the company made sure it had plenty of other insureds to cover the risk.

But what’s this?! Suddenly Company A is forced by law to accept all of these high risk patients, and cover them to the end of the medical earth, WITH A CAP ON HOW MUCH IT CAN CHARGE! That’s right, it will be illegal to deny coverage to a patient due to a pre-existing condition. In no time at all, the reserves are gone, and Company A has nothing to pay out even the smallest claims. Company A has to close its doors and its customers must go elsewhere – except it’s happening to insurance companies B-Z as well, thanks to the other 9/10th of those 4 million we talked about earlier.

No worries though, guys, the government has you covered: BAILOUT, because they truly believe that throwing more money into a vacuum will fix a problem. Or, better yet, everyone goes on Medicare! Guess who pays for Medicare – the government, who we’ve already established is running the country’s debt up the wall. Who funds the Government – taxpayers. Just like that, Obama (long-retired and on a government pension with stellar healthcare benefits for the rest of his life, to boot) has used 4 million sick Timmys to bludgeon the rest of the country into sand.

“But wait,” you say, donning your self-righteous hat. “If hospitals and doctors charged less, the care for sick Timmy wouldn’t bankrupt the insurance business.” True, but that still wouldn’t help the kid out because then he’d be getting diet health care. Contrary to popular belief, there is not a council of evil doctors in a secret cave somewhere plotting how to screw their patients out of cash. Prices are determined by quality and availability, not arbitrary decisions. Fine, you want affordable prescriptions for your stomach cancer? Here’s a wee bottle of Tums. No, it won’t do crap to help you, but you can afford it, it’s widely available, and may sooth your pain slightly while you die. That expensive, life-saving stuff? You won’t pay for it, which means pharmaceutical companies can’t spend the money to develop and research the technology, which means the researchers and chemical engineers who did all the hard work and training are out of jobs…and are now drawing unemployment from the government.

When it all boils down, the truth is nothing comes free in this world. The government will hand you buckets of your own money with love in their hearts and a clear conscience, as long as they get a healthy commission and you’re willing to bleed for it.

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld this farcical time-bomb, the weight will be back on the shoulders of Congress. It will be up to them to repeal this “constitutional” law, and we’d best hope Romney manages to pull out a victory in the election. We’ll need his staunch opposition to the law and the pressure of his office to make sure Congress stays focused on the path. However, it is equally possible that Romney (no stranger to socialized medicine himself) is full of hot air and will show his belly to the simple-minded at the earliest opportunity once elected.

I would much rather support a president who forced me to eat my veggies thinking in the long-term than suffer a crowd-pleaser who ruined my future because he was too busy force-feeding me cake.

One Response to “Supreme Court Jester: Obamacare Upheld”
  1. daevski says:

    Good of you to write about important issues. Too bad the rabbit hole is so deep… And I’m not referring to the national debt. Shameful!

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