A Passion Can Spring From Anywhere, or “WOAH, Look at THAT!”

You never know what will take you far, so try something. Give your kids every chance to see something awesome 🙂

Education and Alternate Fuel Sources: Time to Step it Up

In a few earlier posts, I mentioned that education and alternate energy sources are the two fields I think require the most development. I’d like to expand on that. First, education. It’s simple: if you fund education, there will be better educated people entering college or the work force. If there are better educated people … Continue reading

Public.Resource.Org: Good to Know

One of Google’s “10 to the 100” idea-contest winners attempts to make government more transparent. Good idea!

The Danger of Ignorance

Whichever party you associate with, don’t vote in ignorance. Read up on the candidates and make the best choice according to what you want to see happen in the nation you will be living in.