The End of the Beginnings: Merits of Perseverance

Don’t settle for less than you’re worth!

A Passion Can Spring From Anywhere, or “WOAH, Look at THAT!”

You never know what will take you far, so try something. Give your kids every chance to see something awesome 🙂

The Necessity (and Inevitability) of Purpose

A brief look into the nature of thought and purpose.

Unexpected Pleasures: Talking with Kathy the Deli Lady

You never know who will make an impression on you

History Revisited and a Tiger Mauling: I’ve Been Away!

Where have I been? Everywhere

A Goal You Can Quit is the Hardest to Achieve

A man does not know the true measure of himself until he has been challenged. It is in the conscious decision to continue when the mind and body demand cessation, to persevere against adversity that shows whether or not a man is worth the skin he wears and the space he inhabits. Fruits of labor … Continue reading

What Path Will I Tread: A Wordy Rant on Being in Limbo

I have no great words to begin this tirade. I am sitting, alone and unwashed, on a couch I outwardly despise and inwardly tolerate. It wasn’t my first choice, or my second, but a compromise born out of necessity. It is a terrible thing, to have the time to contemplate a couch. I would much … Continue reading

Out of My Way: Determination Will Prevail

Just because someone says you can’t doesn’t mean they’re right.

Idealist Societies: A Response to Zeitgeist II, Addendum

A detailed response to Zeitgeist II, Addendum in which I describe the merits and short-comings of the documentary, as well as quote a financial insider.

Computer Down!: The World Outside the Screen

If your computer breaks, could you survive? I managed, somehow.