Supreme Court Jester: Obamacare Upheld

Throughout my meeting this morning, my eyes slid often to the clock hanging above the projector screen. 9:30…9:45…10:00. As the second hand reached the apex of its circular path, I crossed my fingers that the Supreme Court (now in session) would turn its eyes from the heated present and, instead, look to the sturdy past … Continue reading

Public.Resource.Org: Good to Know

One of Google’s “10 to the 100” idea-contest winners attempts to make government more transparent. Good idea!

Affordable Care Act: Love it or Hate it

Commentary on two blogs with opposing viewpoints on health care reform, what are the benefits and what are the risks?

GOP Determined to Undermine, if not Repeal, Health-Care Law

GOP is determined to defeat the new Health Care Law. Is that a good idea?