It’s the End of the World!! (As We Know It)

The world ended on a Wednesday and it was rather less dramatic than everyone had expected.

The Best Analogy of All Time: Mario Kart Politics

How does Mario Kart relate to modern politics?

Dealing with Jealousy: Covet Not Thy Neighbor’s Awesome Stuff

I’ve been reading a book on the side lately which was recommended by a professional acquaintance of mine. She mentioned it as a potential aid in my search for gainful employment. Unlike most books I’ve read in the past that deal with such matters, this one focuses not on improving your weaknesses but fully developing … Continue reading

The Past and Present (Christmas) of New York

The view from the 38th floor of an apartment building in downtown Manhattan strikes two very different chords with me – one of disappointment and one of great hope. I’ll start with the former so I can end on a positive note (always a good policy, but also the way I hope things turn out). … Continue reading

Opportunity Hidden in the Mist of Adversity

Back on the road again, but all the wiser for the experience.

The End of the Beginnings: Merits of Perseverance

Don’t settle for less than you’re worth!

A Passion Can Spring From Anywhere, or “WOAH, Look at THAT!”

You never know what will take you far, so try something. Give your kids every chance to see something awesome 🙂

Unexpected Pleasures: Talking with Kathy the Deli Lady

You never know who will make an impression on you

Coppin’ a Feel: TSA Continues to Push Travellers’ Buttons

How far is too far when it comes to security?

A Goal You Can Quit is the Hardest to Achieve

A man does not know the true measure of himself until he has been challenged. It is in the conscious decision to continue when the mind and body demand cessation, to persevere against adversity that shows whether or not a man is worth the skin he wears and the space he inhabits. Fruits of labor … Continue reading